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British Photographer, Christopher Rimmer spent two years documenting some of Africa’s last remaining tribes on the border of Namibia & Angola where age old traditions are still maintained despite the unrelenting advance of modernity.

For millennia, the life giving waters of the Kunene River have nurtured a diverse range of tribal groups, each with their own unique customs and history. The most conspicuous of these are the semi nomadic pastoralists, The Ovahimba or Himba people as they are known in the West.



Further north and less visited, are the Mwila, Ovahakaona and Macubal tribes who, whilst being less exposed to Westerners, are equally fascinating and subject to similar pressures as those of their Ovahimba cousins in the south.

Rimmer is no stranger to this region of Africa and has frequently used Namibia and Angola as a backdrop to his work which has been shown to critical acclaim in galleries all around the world. His latest project attempts to explore the visual representations of tradition and modernity including the curious cultural hybrid created by the amalgamation of these two forces.


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